I’ll Remember

I’ll remember the way your eyes lit up every time you talked about KTM or Clash of Clans.
I’ll remember how your lips whispered the lyrics of my favourite song as we laid side by side, not talking to each other.
I’ll remember how sweaty your hands were that afternoon in College Street, as we were returning home together.
I’ll remember your fresh smell right after a bath, and I’ll keep on comparing that with the smell of new books, which would send twinkling bells down my spine.
I’ll remember every time you tried to dance and failed miserably, and the way I smiled, as I kept on admiring you from a distance.
I’ll remember the way you smiled in the middle of a deep and passionate kiss, and just as I retracted, you pulled me by my hair and kissed me deeper.
I’ll remember the way you cried hugging me, saying how you’re incapable of loving anyone ever again, and on the contrary, the way you sent me a pages long text, claiming how much you love me and always will.
I’ll remember the way you hated cats and every time you saw one, you cursed it inside out and we ended up fighting because I still think that CATS ARE LIFE.
I’ll remember the night you had called me up and admired your mother out of nothing, and the way it made me love you even more.
I’ll also remember the night you were so drunk, that you thought me to be your ex girlfriend, and you howled and cried over the phone to me. I was not angry. I was hurt. And all I wanted was to run to you, hug you and soak in all your pain till you go off to sleep.
I’ll remember the way you smiled when I kissed you and hugged you and adored you and loved you, and how you were silently enjoying the pampering.
I’ll remember the way you wanted gifts on every little or no occasion like a kid.
I’ll remember the way you called me up only to keep quiet for the rest of the night.
I’ll remember the way you hugged me so tightly that I could literally feel my broken heart getting fixed while I was crying miserably, thinking of how I might end up losing you some day.

via weloveladiesfirst.com

It’s just about how I’ll always remember you.
It’s just about how I’ll remember never to forget you.
With Love,


                 Susnata Roy Chowdhury


Featured photo via agirlikeme.com


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