From the very beginning it was quite evident that Anisha was somehow greater than average, or atleast her parents believed so. She had always been a way of survival for them.

Her grades in Academics grew up along with her. And someway or the other, it was directly proportional to the expectations her parents had on her. After all, she had always been a way of survival for them.

71563792 Sulky Teenager

But as time grew on Anisha, she lost herself somewhere in a maze. She could feel every eye pondering over her grades, admiring her consistency in studies but she wasn’t able to get hold of a hand and feel its warmth. No matter how strong and a heck of a genius she looked in the crowd, inside she thrived for a man who would admire not her studies but the way she was, the way she giggled, the metaphors in her poems and her dream of becoming a photographer.


The fight between her mind and heart gradually began to startle her. It affected her mental orientation and needless to say, her studies.

A year happened. The altitude of her marks started getting shorter. She could now feel something different about her so-called admirers and how their proud eyes were turning away from her. However, she was more relaxed than ever and awry stories made behind her back no more affected her like before. She was finally able to live as the real her. But for a girl hailing from a middle-class family, living the dream of her parents usually overweighs her own dreams. Anisha was no exception and thus, happiness was short-lived.

Ma, I didn’t get any rank this time..”

“What! Why?”

“I dont know. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Forget it na Ma. What’s the big deal!”

“Tell me Nishu, what can you do except studies?”


“No, I wan’t an answer! I don’t involve you in any household chores so that you can concentrate in your academics and even then, you don’t get a rank! What do you do all day?”


“You are not good in any kind of extra-curricular activities. You were born to excel in studies. Tell me, what will you do with those rubbish photos you spend so much time in? Nishu, all our expectation is on you. Your father and I don’t expect anything from you but an outstanding result. Can’t you even give your parents this one thing?”

“But. Ma…”

“But what? Do you have any explanation to support your failure?”

“I didn’t fail! It’s just some marks..”

“Marks are everything you have!”


Tears rolled down her eyes. Now she knew the truth. Marks have always been a way of survival for her…


                       Anindita Karmakar


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