Controversies of Vision

We often brag of modernisation with respect to time and global affairs, however this term is becoming increasingly misty and controversial to me. What exactly is meant by MODERNISATION?

Can we claim ourselves to be modern only by the use of certain technologies? There is no cause of denial that it constitutes a huge part of advancement but only when each member of our varied society is in a state of its equal reception. Let me relate to an incident. Last weekend while I was working on my laptop, I came across a news on Youtube. It showed a crowd of disciples infront of some “mystic Baba” chanting mantras on a shivering, naked, poor kid suffering from blisters of Chicken pox. On being enquired, the family disclosed the inability of being able to pay for antibiotics. So, apparently we are unable to offer diagnosis and medicine to the lower economic strata of the society for a mere infection caused by Varicella zoster discovered and treated in developed countries since 1900s. There are several health check up centres placed under officials but they are affected by the most severe disease of corruption and lack of infrastructure. After almost 69 years of independence, we are still a failure in uplifting these people from poverty and consequent wells of superstitions. Isn’t it a pity?


While travelling by bus I often find people dressed in torn jeans, t-shirts and trendy accessories wearing enchanted beads and pendants. Is this what we call a progressive mentality or is it mere hypocrisy? I cannot call myself an atheist because I respect all those great men who followed the universal sermon of  “Work is worship” and viewed society as the place of worship.

I often find rallies raging the cities on issues of feminism. As far as the term has to say, FEMINISM involves the independence and self empowerment of women. Most of the time empowerment is misunderstood as the misuse of powers which acts as a bondage limiting  the liberty to only apparent causes. It does not apply to the liberty of smoking, getting drunk or partying late night. It does not apply to the liberty of adapting the darker side of masculine nature.

London: Women march against male violence

Every morning in the newspapers we find several poverty striken girls being deprived of education. They urgently need our financial help to gain their footings in the society. Several women are being inflicted with severe torture for dowry. It should also be admitted with deep shame that many women in the families of in-laws are themselves involved in it. Humility is appreciable but not to an extent of selflessness. So, the raise of voice at this point is essential at this point to protect the endangered esteem of women. I have often seen women are being forced to study arts. Gender does not determine aptitude. Forcing a guy to study science and a girl to study arts is equally insensible and stupid. Women are intuitively great communicators and have great perseverance. Women In Science are often called WISE.


Divorces are becoming more prevalent in the modern society. Legally it is just the separation of a couple unwilling to be hemmed by the chains of relation anymore. We are inflexible independent souls assuming no chance of compromise. Minimal adjustments are huge losses of ego. When I turn to look at my own cozy nest, I realise that I have gained the courage to soar independently from my parents their harmony, respect, trifles and unity in front of every obstacle has taught me what commitment is, whether to life or to work. How miserable would be the life of a child whose parents offer them a hostile home? How detached he/she would be? Would he ever be able to learn the value of relations? Or would he be a robot? Alas! Men are working day and night not to make but to become machines.


It may seem like I’m a bit too opinionated for my age, but i guess it is always acceptable to voice your opinions in public rather than keeping it restricted to the drawing room sothat a combined effort can be put in to abolish these problems not superficially but from the roots.

                     Pritha Roy Choudhury


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7 thoughts on “Controversies of Vision

  1. i love the title

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    1. Manab Mukherjee July 3, 2016 — 7:06 am

      Nice thought and well explanations about feminism and mordenisation …

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  2. Nicely written

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  3. Manas Mukherjee July 3, 2016 — 7:55 am

    Khub Sundor Lekha Hoyechey.
    Proud of you.

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  4. Ur vocabulary _/\_

    well written and a very nice thought.

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  5. Debashree Acharya July 4, 2016 — 1:32 pm

    Darun thoughts needs a lot of work out for establishing.

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  6. Swagata Chatterjee July 6, 2016 — 3:17 am

    Having an opinion is the trait of a strong woman , but penning it down in such a crisp manner requires knowledge about and faith on your thoughts and yourself…
    Very well written..

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