A Lover’s Tale

“Can I have your notebook? I couldn’t attend the last 3 classes.”

“Yup but remember to return it positively next day.”

And thus their conversation began. Anirban and Sumana – two hearts poles apart.

Sumana was pursuing an Honours in Mathematics and like integration is contrasting to differentiation, she had issues to communicate to different people, or more specifically, adapt to new changes. What only soothed her in the ‘new’ domain was the smell of new books. Yes, she was a nerd, geek, bookworm but she never was a lover. “Who on earth could ever love me! I’m as complicated as the differential equations”, she often said to her friends who cared about her state of loneliness.

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On the contrary, Anirban was quite the opposite- smart ,outspoken,friendly, a package full of extra-curricular activities and a heart full of charm. No, he wasn’t much of a womanizer but girls were easily attracted to his physique and attitude. He was one of those popular guys in class who was a friend to everyone but, in return, had no real friends to share his deepest secrets.

A month after their first conversation, their eyes caught each other inside the bus. Although they aimed at returning home from tuition seperately, they somehow ended up in the same bus. After all, no one has control over what He has written for us.

“Hey Sumana, where do you live?”, Anirban initiated the conversation.

“Umm.. Why?”

“Just asking. Same bus, same route”, he gave a silly smile.

“Near Baguihati… and..”

“Wow! I live in Teghoria”, Anirban’s excitement barred Sumana from replying.

“Ok”, Sumana reacted in her usual ignorant tone.

No matter how disinterested Sumana behaved infront of Anirban, somewhere deep inside she liked this new introduction. For the first time in her life, someone didn’t seem that uncomfortable to include in her ‘new’ domain. Their conversations gradually took the long route and they started travelling together on the way to tuition and back. They started sharing their likes and dislikes, their traumas, their insecurities and even their lovely headphones. They began to open up to each other and Anirban was the one who made it even more easy for Sumana. Their “Just friends!” relationship took a U-turn and began to bound in something more firm and dependable. Chatting, calling, fighting – they were part of each other’s life in every possible way. Both were each other’s comfort zone and ultimate being to rely upon.

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But every relation has an important day when it is given a permanent name and Sumana and Anirban’s day finally came on a late Sunday evening when they bunked their tuition classes and instead chose to spend some time in a nearby park. Sumana giggled and narrated an incident when she had slapped a boy for proposing her. Anirban, however, seemed quite disturbed hearing about it and kept quite.

“Hey Ani, what happened?”

“You really slapped the boy who proposed you?”

“Yeah. Funny no? That’s me screwing up life”, Sumana continued her giggles.

“Would you slap any boy who will do that?”

“Depends but why are you so serious? What’s wrong?”

“Would you slap me if I propose you?”

“Ani.. I never really..”

“I love you.”


                      Anindita Karmakar


Featured photo via flikie.com


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  1. Cute *_*


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