Letter From A Free Spirit


Men who have had been in my life,

Oh well I lied. I lied about being an absolute cool girl. Did I lie or did you perceive me as a cool girl? One that doesn’t fuss about make up or diet or hates shopping? Well today seems a nice day to shake you up from your sleep. I love make up though I can’t really afford it because I am perpetually broke, spending all my money on fast food and branded clothes. There you go, I am not so genuine anymore now, am I?

Hell I can’t keep secret. Well the secret was yours, it was your thing, and you shared it with me. How could you expect me to keep it in my stomach when you couldn’t yourself and told me? And babe, my best friend doesn’t count. I tell her every damn little thing. If you can’t accept that, well the doors are open!

Yes, I don’t care what people think about me. I truly don’t. I do what pleases me. And I totally believe in carpe diem.

via whiskeyriff.com

Oh! You want to know why I lie. Oh honey, you don’t deserve the truth. It’s so difficult to make you see my point of view and honestly the trouble is not worth it. So, I choose the easy way. I tell you what you want to hear. Somehow I always know that. Probably the pros of being a literature student.

I do speak my heart out at times. But I often find you are not capable enough to comprehend it. Sweetheart, I am sorry but you are clearly not mature enough to handle my immaturities.

Darling I come with a galaxy of drama, a universe of emotional baggage, a planet full of trust issues and battle scars and baby you if couldn’t love me despite of my flaws and mistakes, well honey then I must say you have never known love.

Lastly, thank you for the experience. That’s what I live for.


A free spirit.

Ranita Ray
                               Ranita Ray


Featured photo via destinationfemme.com


1 thought on “Letter From A Free Spirit

  1. Wonderfully written. Cheers to our free spirits.


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