Have you noticed how difficult it is to trust people these days? Because no one means anything they say! How am I supposed to know what is real and what is fake? How am I supposed to know the fact in the first place that people use terms like ‘love’ the way they have breakfast everyday in the morning? And if I fail to understand, will my friends call me stupid?

How am I supposed to know that the new friends I make in college might cancel their plans with me on the last minute because I am not cool enough to smoke or drink alcohol? Am I supposed to feel bad about it and confront them? Or should I not because I might be labelled as sentimental which is the worst title you can get these days? After all, even Sherlock proclaims that sentiment is unnecessary and meant only for losers.


How am I supposed to know that the friend who smiled and talked to me through days might not even want to reply to my texts someday for ‘ I don’t know what’ reasons? Am I supposed to talk about it? Because after a week they will act like nothing happened!

How am I supposed to know that friends also have priority of whom they talk to and whom they want to help, even when they act like they care for me? I mean A would help B, but not C because C is a new friend or just a friend who is always available for help. And if I talk about it, will my friends call me a psycho?

As the questions remain unanswered, it becomes difficult to trust anyone and this fact alone scares the hell out of me. But I am supposed to be strong, stand straight, put a smile on my face and keep helping my friends because it would make me such a good girl, wouldn’t it?

                           Satavisa Pati


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