Sayan Roy is the Founder of So, What’s Your Tale? More into poetry than into stories, Sayan loves to spend most of his time in blogging and rhyming. He is a passionate writer and has more blogs on WordPress than Languages in Computer. Read Sayan’s tales.




Susnata Roy Chowdhury is a student of Literature, from Kolkata, the city of passion. She is an aspiring writer and an observer of life, and it’s twists. Low on love, and high on emotions, she is a dark soul, trying to add some light to her surroundings with her words. Read Susnata’s tales.




Chandrani Mukherjee is a mentor of English and has been working with various institutions, as a teacher, since 2002. Associtated with Pearson Longman as a Consultant Editor, her extraordinary take on Language is impeccable and unparalleled. Read Chandrani’s tales.




Ranita Ray is a Literature devotee and a student of English literature, at the same time. Taking avid interest in figuring out people, she aspires to be remembered. Ardent reader and Potterhead, her words are expressions of her soul. Read Ranita’s tales.




Sreyosi Dey is an aspiring Microbiologist and a student of the same field of science. A voracious reader and writer, and a talented musician, her realistic expressions of love are quite unusual yet true in all sense of the term. Read Sreyosi’s tales.




Anindita Karmakar is a student of Physics with a dream of being a part of CERN, one fine day. Hailing from Kolkata, she expresses her non-scientific feelings through her pen and captures her unsaid words through the lens. Read Anindita’s tales.




Debanjali Roy is a student of physics but is more passionate about literature and nature. She believes that every ordinary thing has its own virtue of touching one’s heart and that’s what motivates her throughout. Read Debanjali’s tales.




Pritha Roy Choudhury is a student of Zoology with an unmatched love for literature. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by all kinds of stories ranging from attributes of society to erotic adventures. Her lucid writing gives composure to her thoughts. Read Pritha’s tales.




Satavisa Pati is a student of literature and an admirer of humanity. Different culture, people and their behavior intimidates her. She wishes to become a writer someday and draw the stories of various people with her pen. Read Satavisa’s tales.

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